If House of Wolves had a raid, most people wouldn’t make it there, anyways.

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about Destiny. Once you’ve hit level 32, your gear is all maxed out and you have plenty of cool weapons, you don’t really have much to complete. Crota has been slain dozens of times, with cheese shortcuts or not. The game has been patched repeatedly and now here we are, awaiting the second DLC, “House of Wolves,” set for release on May 19.

As far as the story goes (hahaha, I’m talking about the story of Destiny), There was one cutscene in the vanilla game that shed light on the “Queen of the Reef.” It’s assumed The Reef is just kinda…out there in the asteroid belt somewhere. You’ll even get to just hang out there! This is alright, as long as it doesn’t completely replace The Tower.

bridge keeperI know this reference is going to be very old and obscure, but indulge me. In Everquest, there was a zone outside the human city, Freeport, called East Commonlands. You remember now? There was a cave where everyone would do their trading, buying, and selling. But then a new expansion came out which included “The Bazaar” and East Commonlands became totally barren. I’d just hate to see The Tower suffer the same fate. Bungie wouldn’t do that, right?

When “The Dark Below” was released, we got a new raid, “Crota’s End.” This time around, we won’t get a new raid. But you already paid your $35 for both expansions, right? I did. I guess I don’t regret it, even without a new raid for “House of Wolves.” It still comes with a lot of new content. Instead, there is a mode called “The Prison of Elders” which is a new cooperative kind of mode. People might be upset with this because the endgame has always been get geared up, go do the raid, get sweet loot.

In this article from Forbes, it says only 19% of players have ever completed a raid. That is mind-blowing. That means only 19% of players have reached the main content put out in the game. If you don’t get to that point, you’re missing out on a lot and not getting your money’s worth. Granted, it does take a large time investment to get to that point. Getting to the near-max level and finding enough people (you need six) to form a raid group can be too much for players.

What I see this expansion doing, is opening up more content to the average player. I expect it will be easier for lower level players to get into and it will give these players more opportunity to get the gear they need to compete at a higher level. What it’s looking like is a horde mode which you fight against wave after wave of enemies, trying to survive. But that sounds a lot like what you do in a lot of the story missions, waiting for Peter Dinklage (your Ghost) to hack into whatever device while you fend off the enemies from him.

If you want the whole skinny on the upcoming content, Redditors have already taken care of that for you in a megathread. I’ll be picking up the Xbox One controller once again to battle the Fallen in a month. I’ll see you there.

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