Bread is love. Bread is life.

The game we have all been waiting for has become fully toasted and edible. I Am Bread, from the creators of the nonsensical Surgeon Simulator 2013, Bossa Studios, has come out of “early access” on Steam for PC and Mac. For launch week only, you can own it today for the low, low price of $9.74 and begin your journey as a slice of bread who only wants to be toast. I’ll let the gameplay speak for itself.

Powdered Toast Man

Powdered Toast Man

It will probably be the most famous bread since Powdered Toast Man. From what I’ve seen from the gameplay, flipping around a room to find a way to toast yourself can be very perilous as you need to maintain edibility. No one wants to eat bread that’s been on the floor, soaked in water, or covered in pencil shavings. This is a very hard, unforgiving game with limitless possibilities because of the open world. You might find it makes you rage a little bit.

“…underneath that buttery rage layer was something else. Something I didn’t expect. There was a really fun and well made game. It’s hard to explain the joy of flipping your toast and seeing it fly through the air and land that jump just right. It’s insane. It’s fun. It’s insanely fun.” – MartyrA2J’s review on Steam

Not only does it look like a fun game to play, but a fun game to watch. Today, games are watched more than ever with live streams on Twitch and “let’s plays” on YouTube. When marketing a game, you need to think about how fun your game is for an audience. I Am Bread does that. There’s action, suspense, drama, and character development. As Martyr mentioned, when you see that slice of bread flying through the air, your heart stops.

Oh, and there’s bread puns, so many bread puns.

A lot of commenters on Reddit suggest playing the game with two players even though there’s only a one player mode. Much like the Roosterteeth let’s play, have one player control the mouse and the other player control the keyboard for the ultimate teamwork exercise. I’ll have to check the game out, grab a friend and try it out. I’d love to stay and talk about bread some more, but for now, I’m off to Las Vegas for the NAB Show. See you there.

One thought on “Bread is love. Bread is life.

  1. I love that you talk about this culture of watching video games. I don’t know why, but I can’t stop watching games. I’m not sure if it’s the commentary by the player or the low drama plots, but I ALWAYS watch someone streaming a video game before bed. What’s even more concerning, though, is that I’m actually excited to watch a video about bread traveling through a house…


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