Xbox One squeaks, probably running off hamster wheel

When you turn on your Xbox One, you probably don’t hear much–a little beep chorus, a boot-up sound, the TV turning on, and not much else. But you might catch something else. In the silence of a surprisingly quiet machine (especially compared to the roar of the original rendition of the Xbox 360), I heard a squeak, like a little mouse gnawing at the wires inside or a tiny hamster intermittently running on a wheel.

This was the sound I could not handle. All I wanted to do was watch TV, and although the sound is not that loud, it is unbearable. Am I stuck with this forever? No, as long as you’re willing to put in the effort to get it corrected. You can find “do it yourself” solutions but those could harm your Xbox and I won’t get into that. But there is something you can do, which I’m considering doing myself if the problem persists. Other Xbox One customers have had to send their console in to get it fixed, but it’s not too much hassle.

“I’ve had to replace mine already and it was super simple. Just go to that page and follow the directions. Don’t even need to talk to anyone (I chose the advanced repair and got system within a few days).” – /u/JohnDargo

Although it’s not as serious as the red ring of death, it’s a little disappointing to see such a new piece of equipment (under a year old for me) already have issues. Granted, the Xbox One is a little more complicated of a machine than the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, that baby is still running as well as it did in 1993.

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