What about remakes that are really good?

Apparently, something really good happened. A game was released that didn’t have a whole lot of hype leading up to the release. But then people got a hold of this game and thought, “Wow this is actually pretty special.” Isn’t that a great feeling?

Pew pew pew

Pew pew pew

Homeworld 1 and 2 were released in 1999 and 2003 respectively for the PC. Homeworld 1 received a 9.5 out of 10 from IGN.com back in 1999. Like, what? How have I never heard of this game? I love space battles! I love real-time strategy games! Homeworld 2 got a 9/10 in 2003. And they just decided to stop making these games? Why? There is a group on Facebook called “We want Homeworld 3.” Looking at this gameplay, I’d say that would go over well.

So here we are 12 years later and you can get both games as Homeworld Remastered Collection, released on February 25. People love this remake. I would be really weary of remakes especially after Halo: Master Chief Collection and Age of Mythology Extended Edition. But it’s so refreshing to see something done right. For $35 on Steam, you get the remastered versions of Homeworld 1, Homeworld 2, access to the classic versions of both games, and the multiplayer beta.

It concerns me that the multiplayer is still in beta, but I think it’s probably a good thing. They’re saying, “This isn’t done yet! Don’t freak out if it doesn’t work right now!” That’s fair. I never knew about Homeworld, but the fanbase for the series is very fervent about these games being the best real-time strategy games ever made. Just check out posts on Reddit like this one and read gamers drool over these games.

I’ve been looking for a new solid RTS to play. It makes me sick that I could have been playing this stuff for about 16 years, a huge chunk of my life.

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