GTA V on PC is delayed again, and that’s okay.

Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games

This week, developer Rockstar Games announced that Grand Theft Auto V for PC would be delayed for a third time. It was originally set to release in Fall 2014 but we’re now looking at April 14th of this year.

If this were a game that were unavailable entirely, I think gamers should be a little more upset. But chances are, you’ve already played GTA V on a different platform already. But if you’re still hellbent on waiting for the PC version (which I understand, PC is the prettiest) then it’ll probably be a well-made version of the game with very few bugs because they took their time. These delays don’t have to be a negative thing.

Online heists are going to be released on March 10, which is right around the corner! See? Things ain’t so bad. I believe the heist portion of the game is the most fun feature in the game. Well, except for the Top Fun series of the online missions, let’s be real.

Two players are in fighter jets, while the other two are on motorcycles or biplanes. They have to make it to a certain point before being shot down. It’s just the best.

With this long of a delay for a game, I really, really do hope that it is perfect. Rockstar said they want the game to be “as amazing and polished as possible.” And if you’ve preordered the game, you’ll be getting $1.5 million in spending money right from the start for GTA Online. If it’s not a great version of the game, well then I guess I will have something write about coming up in April.

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