My encounter with Nintendo’s scarcity


Earlier, I talked about special edition Nintendo products and how they are only benefitting scalpers. I was one of those gamers that refused to pay more than retail price for a product, even if it was something I really wanted. I wasn’t planning on getting the Majora’s Mask special edition 3DS because it was sold out just about everywhere just as it was able to be purchased. But my friend told me if I wanted one, I should try to get to Target as they open.

I figured, what the hell. The last time I got up early to wait in line for something was back when the original Nintendo Wii was released. I got up around 6:00 a.m. to make sure I got to Target in enough time to get my Wii. I was the first person in line. It was extremely cold that morning, but I came prepared and got my console.

The Target in Morgantown opens at 8:00 a.m. and I arrived just a little after 7:00. There was no one there for the first 15 minutes. The manager saw me standing outside at the door and poked his head out the side door, “We don’t open for another 45 minutes.”

“Oh, I know,” I told him. I guess this new 3DS isn’t that big of a deal. But then more people came. There were five us total. One of guys gave up because he did not come prepared for the cold. Another gentleman was one of the poor souls that had his preorder cancelled by Best Buy. I really hope that we all got our systems. We were all willing to wait in line in the cold before the store opened. We deserved to be rewarded.

When the store finally opened, we all walked back to the electronics section cordially. I feared that someone might make a run for it, but it was agreed upon that we were in the order we arrived. One of the Target employees said, “So you guys here for the Majora’s Mask game?” Uh, not exactly, friend. “What about the system?” a woman asked. Two of the employees looked at each other and paused. It was like they were trying to hide something from us. Like they didn’t want us to have them.

“We have one,” one of them told us. I was honestly shocked. At released, this store got one system. I felt so bad for these other people that didn’t get one, but obviously not bad enough to give mine up. I was probably the only person in the whole city to get one that day. There’s no reason for Nintendo to release that few of a product. There should have been four, one of each of us there. Kotaku posted updates throughout the day of release and the amount of grief people went through to get one was disheartening.

The product itself really is gorgeous. I suggest to anyone that didn’t like the 3DS because of the unstable 3D mode to grab the new version of the hardware. I never turn the 3D off anymore. Games like Pokemon: Omega Ruby still don’t look great because of the drop in frames with the 3D on. I don’t think that game was ever designed to be played in 3D. But Majora’s Mask looks fantastic. You don’t need the special edition 3DS to enjoy it, but you definitely look way cooler playing it.

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