We’re still cheesing Destiny.

My first post was about Destiny and how players were able to use some exploits to make parts of the raid much easier. Before I go any further, I found a video explaining “cheese” concisely. Warning: MoreConsole has a mouth on him. Also, the exploits shown in this video have since been patched.

This past weekend I was playing this same raid, Crota’s End, with my friends. Although things are patched a little differently, we still have our own exploits to make things easier. We have our two hunters use their invisibility in “The Pit” section at the beginning to get ahead of the rest of the team to lessen the amount of Thralls that spawn for the whole team. But that’s not too bad. We still all have to get through the section as a team and do a good bit of fighting to make it.

“The Bridge” section is still very cheese-able. When we got to the bridge, one of the guys in my group said, “Okay, this is how you cheese it now.”

That was a little alarming to me. The developer, Bungie, had just released a patch to keep players from doing just this sort of thing. We had to find a new way to exploit the game, but we did! Normally, all six players must cross the bridge, one by one, with a sword that allows passage. But in our version, we only needed one person to cross.

Then our cheese guide said, “Okay, now everyone die.”

We all jump to our deaths except for the man on the other side of the bridge. The enemies disappear on our side of the bridge. At the last possible second, a Warlock on our team uses his resurrection ability to come back to life. The man on the other side hides from the enemies while the rest of us snipe them for him across the map. Once the two ogres, the largest enemies, are dead, the fight is over. YouTube is littered with how-to-cheese videos that can be used even after the patch, like this one from CoconutBraGaming:

I’m beginning to think that there’s so many possibilities in the code of the game that Bungie cannot possibly keep up with all of them. And now with the hard mode of Crota’s End available to play, players should have even more motivation to find shorts cuts. Here’s a cheese uploaded by Ben T from the hard mode of Crota’s End:

What did I just watch? I can’t even begin to explain what they did. But there goes Crota, jumping to his own death. I’m sure I’ll never come close to using this exploit, but it’s incredible what players can find. Instead of being more challenging to players, this game is becoming more challenging for Bungie to patch.

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