Pre-order Free 2015


This is the year, comrades. This is the year we stop pre-ordering games that end up being lousy at launch, right? It’s going to be interesting to see what the video game consumer does this year. 2014 was a pretty big bust as far as big game releases with games like Watch Dogs, Destiny, and Halo: Master Chief Collection not living up to expectations.

But you pre-ordered all of them, didn’t you? You have to have the bonus content you get for pre-ordering the game. It will enrich your gaming experience!  Back in the day, in 2007, it was important to pre-order a game. You had to go to your local Gamestop and put $5.00 down to ensure you got a copy of the game you wanted as soon as it came out.

I’ve been to midnight releases for games like Halo 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and even Duke Nukem Forever. They were giving out free biscuit sandwiches, okay? If you wanted a disc and in on the fun, you sure as hell better preorder. But in 2015, direct download makes that issue obsolete. So how do we make these suckers pay for something they aren’t sure if it’s good or not?

BONUS CONTENT, EXCLUSIVE SKINS, STATUETTES, MAPS MADE OF CLOTH, A WEAPON YOU COULD ACTUALLY KILL SOMEONE WITH (Okay, it’s plastic, but can you imagine the lawsuits if they sent out steel batarangs with a video game?) and many more things you don’t need to enjoy the game content. I understand, though. We’re all mega fans of something and we really want the extra goodies for those. However, there is a resistance to this irresponsible brand of buying games.

“Pre-order free 2015” is a movement by gamers that pledge to not pre-order any games this year. It’s going to be tough to not want to this year, with games like Evolve and Legend of Zelda Wii U coming out this year. Tom Clancy’s The Division is likely the most anticipated game of 2015. Go ahead, you can pre-order it right now if you want. The subreddit /r/gaming is already struggling not to want to pre-order Grand Theft Auto: V. Rockstar offered $1,000,000 in-game money to those who pre-ordered by February 1. I hope that “pre-order free 2015” can go a little better than this:

A list of players pledging to boycott the game they are all online playing.

I was one of the suckers that pre-ordered Halo: MCC. Why? Because I knew all my friends would want to play it as soon as it came out. Also, since the download was so huge, I wanted it to be pre-downloaded so I could play it immediately upon release. And another thing, when has Halo ever let me down? They have now. And they are continuing to struggle with this game.

A lot of us got duped. And that’s why we are pledging to not pre-order this year. Will this movement catch on? Probably not. Gamers are especially fickle and weak when it comes to needing to play something the second it’s available. If you do pre-order, remember that you are part of the problem when the game you bought isn’t all that great.

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