There’s a whole virtual world out there.

There is so much content out there that I cannot possibly keep up with all of it. Here are 10 blogs that are good to keep up with to follow gaming news, culture, and reviews.

Erik Kain –

Erik is my spirit animal. He writes about the gaming industry and the flaws that come with it. Did you know Xbox One only sold 300 units in Japan last week? That blows my mind!

Jessica Conditt at

Jessica graduated with a journalism degree and decided to write for Joystiq. Now that’s living the dream. She’ll find you good deals on games or update you on new tech.

Wolf’s Gaming Blog

Baden Ronie doesn’t vouch for his writing skills, but he still loves games. He wants to show you that the gaming media isn’t all corrupt.

Robert Summa at Destructoid

Robert will dig into games for glitches and show some of the ridiculousness of the things that happen unexpectedly. I’m a really big fan of this post on video game NBA logo crossovers.

Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog

This blog is a little more text heavy but the questions go deeper. Why do streamers do the ridiculous things they do? Why do we play games that are “pay to win”?

Anthony Taormina at Game Rant

Anthony is a Zelda nerd like me, but he covers all his bases. Here you can find game updates, DLC previews, and even some in-game secrets.

Atlas8ball at IGN

What catches the eye about this blog are questions like, “Why don’t we finish video games?” And as a gamer you have to reflect on yourself as a person, “Yeah…why don’t I ever finish video games?”

Kyle Hilliard at Game Informer

It’s hard to navigate from his profile page to see exactly what Kyle has posted recently. However, he’s pretty active on Game Informer’s main page and focuses mainly on new releases.


JonTron will cover absolutely everything that has to do with gaming and entertainment, but in a visual way. He recently discussed some really off the chart stuff like anti-drug games and plug-and-play consoles.

Chris Scullion at CVG

Chris previously worked for the retired Nintendo Magazine, the one we all knew and loved. Check out his story on just how long it will take to get through all those games you have sitting in your Steam library.

One thought on “There’s a whole virtual world out there.

  1. All good sources, but this reads too much like an assignment and too little like a post. Yes, it IS an assignment, but everything you post should be visibly for your readers rather than for me. Consider that intro – there’s nothing there – or the lack of a conclusion. If you can make a reader care about a list, you’re on the right track.


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